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1. Route Huttu*

Route Huttu is an easy route, that will give you a feeling of what rock adventure is about, before moving on to more challenging routes. The route also has a zipline.

*Huttu, or Huttu-Ukko (ukko= “old man”), is the name of the mythical and legendary guardian of the fells. He has been known to show up from nowhere in the shape of a intensely strong, tall and silent man, helping people in need. He is also know to have a fierce and harsh side, felt by those trying to cause the nature or the fells harm. Those who trade the forests and fells with respect need not to fear him. But if you wander with a wakeful and responsive mind you might catch a glimpse of a large shape disappearing in the shades of the trees, or you might feel him as strange, indefinable, ancient power or presence suddenly surrounding you.

2. Adventure Route

Route number two will take you on an adventure in between the rocks. On this route you get to rise up high, climb and traverse vertical cliffs and cross gorges. The adventure ends with several breathtaking ziplines, allowing you to glide from one cliff face to the other. It all rounds up with one final long zipline, that takes you gliding across the whole area. Guaranteed to give you the thrills!

3. Climbing Route

Route number three will step up the challenge. You get opportunities to face your fears while climbing up steep rock faces and balancing on narrow rock shelves. The route ends in a suspension bridge taking you across a gorge and zip lines taking you from one cliff face to another. If you can make it through this route you are ready to challenge yourself on route number four.

4. Sport Route

To be opened during the summer 2023! This is the toughest route and it will challenge even the more demanding adventurer. Be prepared to get your legs burning, climb up high, enjoy gorgeous views and cross a water obstacle.


There are several ziplines on the routes, some going from cliff face to cliff face and longer ones crossing the area.