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Read the safety instructions before entering the adventure park. You can print and sign the safety instructions in advance or sign them on site. All users (“customers”) of Pyhäkuru Adventure courses must follow these instructions.

  1. A customer must follow the instructions given by the staff as well as the signs placed along the courses to ensure their own and other climbers´ safety.
  2. The staff of Pyhäkuru Adventure Park always checks and approves that the safety equipment is put on appropriately before climbing. Rented equipment must not be taken off during the adventure or handed over. Smoking, using the toilet or eating snacks is prohibited near safety equipment. A customer must protect equipment from open fire and sparks.
  3. A customer will be given instructions to the use of safety equipment and climbing courses. One must not enter the adventure courses without a permission from the staff.
  4. A person under the age of 18 needs a guardian´s permit to access the adventure courses. The guardian must read and sign the safety instructions.
  5. Customers under 15 years need to be accompanied by a supervising adult on climbing courses. The adult supervisor is responsible for that the climber under his/her supervision is following the rules.
  6. The minimum height requirement for the courses is 120cm. The weight limit for the courses is 120kg.
  7. A customer is responsible for the correct and safe use of the adventure courses and equipment. Pyhäkuru Oy is responsible for the safety of equipment and adventure course structures. If any damage is caused to equipment or structures of the courses by careless or deliberate actions of a customer, he/she is obliged to compensate Pyhäkuru Oy for repair costs.
  8. Respect other users of the adventure courses. Please wait for your turn and in the case of overtaking, communicate with other customers. Be careful not to drop anything (rocks, coins, sand, etc.) as there might be people below you!
  9. A customer must be attached to the safety wire at all times when climbing adventure courses.
  10. There can be one customer between two anchor points at a time. On a built platform there can be three customers at a time.
  11. A customer should take into account their skills, physical health and mental state when climbing. A customer is responsible for assessing his/her condition and related risks and, if necessary, informing the staff.
  12. One must not enter the adventure courses under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicating substances.
  13. Climbing on adventure courses may cause bruises and contusions for a customer. Accidents are also possible. Pyhäkuru Oy has normal liability insurance, but customers are responsible for taking care of their own insurance coverage before activity.
  14. We recommend wearing clothes and shoes appropriate to the weather. Long hair should be tied, scarves off, hanging accessories or parts of clothing (straps, big earrings, ribbons, etc.) hidden and pockets empty. Clothes may get soiled or damaged during climbing. Pyhäkuru Oy is not responsible for the customer´s soiled or damaged posession.
  15. Pyhäkuru Oy has right to prevent a customer´s access to adventure courses or remove him/her from there if the staff considers this person is not able to pass the adventure courses safely (a customer is causing danger or harm to her/himself, other customers, staff or course structures).
  16. Pyhäkuru Oy has right to close adventure courses or parts of them due to threatening weather condition (e.g. Heavy wind or rain, frost, thunderstorm).
  17. An entrance fee charged will only be refundable if a customer must leave the courses because of a reason caused by Pyhäkuru Oy. An entrance fee will not be refundable in the case of 15 and 16.
  18. Pyhäkuru Oy occasionally takes pictures and videos for marketing and sales purposes. A customer may refuse from being in these pictures or videos by notifying the instructor.