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SFS-EN 15567-1 specifies minimum construction and safety requirements. SFS-EN 15567-2 specifies the requirements for the use of an adventure park.

The European organization for the industry is the European Ropes Course Association (ERCA), which provides its own guidelines for action. Activities are also governed by national legislation and guidelines. These also determine the inspection activities for adventure parks.


The building of the adventure park will continue in summer 2023. You can follow the news here, on Instagram or on Facebook.


Environmental responsibility is an important guideline for us that we want to take into account in our operations. Environmental responsibility and ecological awareness are reflected in our products and the environmental expertise of our staff.

We also take environmental issues into account in our purchases and require responsibility from our partners and suppliers. We train our personnel to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and develop our environmental expertise.

Pyhätunturi has introduced a separate environmental program, to which its partners and tenants are also committed. Pyhätunturi aims to be the cleanest ski resort in the world and became carbon neutral in 2011. It is committed to the EU's energy efficiency agreement, which aims to improve energy efficiency by 7.5% during 2017-2025. Pyhätunturi has excellent recycling points, operates with renewable energy and compensates for CO2 emissions from slope maintenance with the help of Nordic Offset's service.

Environmental promises:

The production of our intangible goods does not generate waste

We strive to find reuse for all discarded equipment and tools